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Cave Hunter 2.0 Now Available!


Download the new version of Cave Hunter today to see what’s new!

Cave Hunter is a procedurally generated maze system, that is different with every play! Each level takes between 15 seconds, to a couple of minutes, making this game easy to pick-up and play at any time. With unlimited levels, the deeper you go, the more complex each maze becomes! 

Cave Hunter is fun and addictive! The goal is simple; find the exit while hunting bugs, collecting power ups, and avoiding baddies. Achievements, and Game Center support is available so you can challenge your friends!

 What’s New!

  • Added four new cave sections: Ice Cavern, Desert Sink Hole, Dragon’s Lair, & Toxic Lab
  • New baddies: Yeti, Dragon, Scorpion, Tesla Coil
  • New pickups: Snow Ball, Dragon Egg
  • New and enhanced GuanoBombs: Ice, Enhanced Lightning (old lightning renamed “Shock”)
  • Two new achievements: Dragon Slayer, Bolt Up!
  • Added In-App Purchases (not required)
  • New textures and dynamic lighting enhances cavern feel!
  • Recoded from the ground up using Swift, and optimized for iOS 8!
  • Minor Bug fixes.

Get your copy of Cave Hunter Now for FREE!

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In Memoriam


In memory of all our fallen heroes, and those we’ve loved and lost.

NightLights for Mac and iPad is designed to add some holiday cheer to any occasion! It doesn’t matter which holiday you’re celebrating, there’s a color combination for every need. NightLights comes with both “Mini”, “C7″ type, and novelty shaped light bulbs. You can mix and match, choose from various blink modes, and more!

For more details check out these links:

NightLights Desktop for Mac
NightLights for iPad

Spring Screens

It’s that time of year when the insects come out! Have all your favorite flying critters on your Mac screen at the same time!


Flying Bugz Screen Saver for Mac…

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