Kitty Katz Screensaver

Version 1.1.5, Last Updated: September 29, 2009
NOTE: This software is no longer supported and may not work as intended.


Only $1.99

Cute, cuddly, curious cats for your Macs!

Domesticated by the Egyptians over 5000 years ago, cats have been worshiped, loved and sometimes persecuted. Known in many cultures as a symbol of health, fortune, good luck, and marriage. Today, cats are a popular pet due to their exquisite beauty, and charming personalities. There is nothing quite like their silky-soft fur, quiet meow, and the pulsating sound of their purr.

Kitty Katz is a special tribute to the majestic feline, part screensaver, and part digital pet. Perfect for those wanting a Cat in the Mac!

Kitty Katz screensaver comes FREE with one cat, an Orange Tabby. Additional cats, and features, can be unlocked with registration.


  • Realistic 3D rendered cats!
  • Authentic cat sounds!
  • Multiple cats without the smell!
  • No nasty litter box!

BONUS Features with Registration:

  • Five additional cats, including Siamese, Calico, Tabby, and Black!
  • Interactive mode! You can pet, feed, and play with your kitties!
  • Choose your own background color!
  • Load your own background image!
  • View cats atop your open windows and desktop!

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