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Skyrocket Celebration Pack II

Download on the App StoreOnly $4.99

Get five of our popular apps, in a single fun-filled bundle!

Celebrate with these five holiday themed apps in a single fun-filled bundle, for one low price of $4.99 – That’s a savings of $2.96!

What’s Included:

  1. NightLights: Use NightLights to frame your display with colored lights, or create lighted scenes with your own photos, and backgrounds.
  2. NightLights Christmas Stickers: Decorate your iMessages with bright, shiny lights! Make your texts festive! NightLights Christmas Stickers comes with C7, Mini, and novelty shaped light bulbs that blink!
  3. Fireworx Stand: Fireworx Stand is realtime particle animations of fireworks, with realistic sparks, fire, smoke, and authentic sound effects! Light fireworks on the fly, or create synchronized fireworks shows, complete with music!
  4. Spooked!: Choose from six spooky characters that you tell what to say! Using your device’s built-in sensors, Spooked can be activated by touch, sound, or movement.
  5. Bobby Bat Stickers: Show your love of Bats with these cute iMessage stickers of Bobby Bat and friends! Five animated Bat stickers and includes a total of 18 stickers.

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Cheers! ~==>


July 4th is Just Around The Corner!

This Stand is always open!

It’s time to decorate your Apple devices with fun and fireworks!

Fireworx Stand for Mac…
Fireworx Stand for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV…

These digital beauties are inexpensive and easy! No muss, fuss, or burned fingers! So what are you waiting for!

Happy Independence Day!

Spooked! 2.3 Now Available!

Just in time for your Halloween party!

After dealing with some issues with iOS 9 and El Capitan, (see this post) I’m happy to announce an update to Spooked for iOS and macOS! Here’s what’s new:

  • Optimized for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. Spooked was recoded to take advantage of iOS 10 and macOS 10.12.
  • Fixed visual glitches with user interface. A few ‘disappearing’ buttons are now fixed.
  • Fixed bug with lightning. Sometimes the lightning feature would crash Spooked. The lightning algorithms have been recoded, and the bug is no more.
  • Fixed visual glitches with Ghoul. The annoying ‘white box’ that would appear when the Ghoul began to speak no longer displays.
  • Fixed Mimic Mode. Mimic mode now functions correctly.
  • Improved photo scaling. The photos aspect ratio is preserved when scaling to fit the screen.
  • Improved full screen experience on macOS. Just click the little green circle on the window to enter/exit full screen mode.
  • Fixed audio on iPhone to reroute to external speaker.
  • Added Hologram Mode. To create a Pepper’s Ghost effect with a pyramid reflector.

Spooked! for macOS More Info…

Spooked for iPad and iPhone More Info…


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^v^ Happy Halloween! ^v^ ~==>

Fireworx Stand 2.5 Now Available! UPDATED!

Get Ready for the Fourth with Fireworx Stand!

With July 4th just around the corner, I’m pleased to announce Fireworx Stand 2.5! Available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch on the App Store! Fireworx Stand brings a festive mood to your devices! These pyro-tastic delights burn cool, so they won’t burn you, or your screen! Fireworx Stand is realtime particle animations of fireworks, with realistic sparks, fire, smoke, and authentic sound effects!

What’s New:

  • Four new fireworks effects! Heart Throb, Butterflyz, Big Log, and Old Glory.
  • Updated the artwork with colorful new images.
  • Redesigned toolbar to display text for clarity.
  • Recoded from the ground up using the powerful Swift language.
  • Bug fixes. Now Fireworx Stand is fully compatible with iOS 9.0+

>> More Info: Fireworx Stand for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch >>

UPDATE: Fireworx Stand 2.5 for OS X El Capitan Also Available!


Enjoy Fireworks on your Mac as well as all your iDevices!

Download Fireworx Stand 2.5 for OS X…

>> More Info: Fireworx Stand for OS X >>

UPDATE: Fireworx Stand for Apple TV Available!

Apple TV Version

Apple TV Version

Now with your purchase of Fireworx Stand for iOS, you also get Fireworx Stand for tvOS! Enjoy the big screen experience on your HD TV!

>> More Info! >>


Flying Bugz Screen Saver for Mac!



Have all your favorite flying critters on screen at the same time!


  • Includes Butterflyz, Dragonflyz, Lightning Bugz, CicadaX, Flyz, and HoneyBeez! *
  • Choose the Number of Bugs.
  • Choose Scale.
  • Set Background Color.
  • Import Image as Background.
  • Animated Clouds.
  • Much, much more!

* Some bugs, and features are disabled in FREE mode.

NOTE: If you have already purchased a code for Butterflyz, Dragonflyz, Lightning Bugz, CicadaX, Flyz, or HoneyBeez, you can use these codes to unlock/register Flying Bugz as well!

>>> More Info… >>>


Frosted 1.5.1 Update


We’ve just released a new version of Frosted for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!

What’s New?

  • Compatibility/Maintenance update for iOS 9.
  • Frosted is no longer stretched, and now displays correctly.
  • Synthesized voices fixed.
  • Scene scales properly for iPhone 6.
  • Minor visual tweaks.

More info…

Celebration Bundle


Frosted is part of the Skyrocket Celebration Pack for iOS devices!



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Happy Holidays! ~==>

Happy Halloween!


I apologize for neglecting this blog for so long. A lot has been going on since Apple introduced iOS 9, and OS X El Capitan.

I have been working with the awesome people over at on a couple of big projects. I am happy to say that I am one of the co-authors for their new book 2D iOS & tvOS Games by Tutorials. If you’re interested in how to make iOS and tvOS games, you should give it a look!

I’m also a new member of their online video tutorial team. My first series is on beginning native tvOS app development. I’ll post a link here when it becomes available.

And Speaking of tvOS, I’ll be porting several of my apps to the Apple TV very soon! I can’t wait to see Spooked on the big screen!

iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan

I am aware that there are some compatibility issues with most of my apps under Apple’s new operating systems. I will be releasing updates to address these issues very soon.

See my post in the Support Forum for more details.

Have a spooky, but safe Halloween!

~ Michael


Fireworks, Fireworks, Fireworks!

It’s July! A time for everyone to start enjoying fireworks!


Go out to your local fireworks stand and stock up for this Saturday! It’s going to be a real blast! If fireworks aren’t available in your neck of the woods, or if you just want to enjoy fireworks anywhere, anytime, then you should download Firework Stand! Available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad!

These fireworks use authentic fireworks sounds, and are specially formulated to not burn you, or your device! You can interact with them in real time, and build digital fireworks shows!

Check out this video!

For more info, and to download:

Have a great summer!


This Fireworks Stand is OPEN!


Start getting your fireworks fix early with Fireworx Stand! Available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad!

Here’s a beautiful mountain backdrop to load into Fireworx Stand!

To download, right-click, or control-click on the above image. Choose “Save Linked File As…”

Have a great summer!


Cave Hunter 2.0 Now Available!


Download the new version of Cave Hunter today to see what’s new!

Cave Hunter is a procedurally generated maze system, that is different with every play! Each level takes between 15 seconds, to a couple of minutes, making this game easy to pick-up and play at any time. With unlimited levels, the deeper you go, the more complex each maze becomes! 

Cave Hunter is fun and addictive! The goal is simple; find the exit while hunting bugs, collecting power ups, and avoiding baddies. Achievements, and Game Center support is available so you can challenge your friends!

 What’s New!

  • Added four new cave sections: Ice Cavern, Desert Sink Hole, Dragon’s Lair, & Toxic Lab
  • New baddies: Yeti, Dragon, Scorpion, Tesla Coil
  • New pickups: Snow Ball, Dragon Egg
  • New and enhanced GuanoBombs: Ice, Enhanced Lightning (old lightning renamed “Shock”)
  • Two new achievements: Dragon Slayer, Bolt Up!
  • Added In-App Purchases (not required)
  • New textures and dynamic lighting enhances cavern feel!
  • Recoded from the ground up using Swift, and optimized for iOS 8!
  • Minor Bug fixes.

Get your copy of Cave Hunter Now for FREE!

>> More Info >>