Footballz Screensaver

Version 1.2.3, Last Updated: September 27, 2009
NOTE: This software is no longer supported and may not work as intended.


Only $1.99

A screensaver tribute to American Football!

For fans of American Football, our favorite time of year is from the dog days of August, to the cool chill of early February.

The true fan knows the weekend starts on Sunday, and ends on Monday night. We gather with our gang of friends, eating tasty snacks, and drinking beer, cheering for our favorite teams. In the end, when only two teams remain, we’ll watch whomever makes it to the big game!

You may download and enjoy Footballz for FREE! Additional features can be unlocked with registration.


  • 3D rendered football and helmet graphics!
  • Exciting sounds of the game!
  • Helmets tackle each other, follow the football!
  • Helmets catch the football, run into the End Zone!
  • Control the number of sprites on screen!
  • Control speed, and scale!

BONUS Features with Registration:

  • Choose from 32 distinct helmets to best represent your favorite teams!
  • Score keeping!
  • Load in your own background image!
  • Choose your own background color!
  • View Footballz atop your open windows and desktop!

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