BloodSpotz Screensaver

Version 2.0.1, Last Updated: September 11, 2009
NOTE: This software is no longer supported and may not work as intended.


Only $1.99

Bloody Hell of a Screensaver!

What color does your Mac bleed? Gross out your friends and family with ewey gooey spatters of Red.

With BloodSpotz, your screen will drip blood this Halloween. You get Red Human Blood, and with registration you’ll also get, Green Dragon Blood, Purple Alien Blood, Puss, and Mercury Cyborg Blood!

You may use BloodSpotz for FREE, but if you register, you get four additional Blood Types, and more!


  • Realistic dripping blood screensaver!
  • Choose from oozing drips, or blood spatter!
  • Realtime preview in options panel! See how your settings will look!

BONUS Features with Registration:

  • Four additional blood colors!
  • Random mode for ooze or spatter!
  • Control ooze speed, and trailing!
  • Choose how much gore hits your screen!
  • Load in your own background image!
  • Choose your own background color!

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