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Curious Caverns Coming Soon!


Announcing Curious Caverns! Coming this summer!

The player assumes the role of Talon the Bat, (named after my grandson), as he flies his way through an unknown cavern system. Each level presents new obstacles, challenges and baddies to vanquish. The player gains points, and earns achievements along the way.

The game play mechanics, and first level are nearly complete. My ultimate goal is to have at least 10 levels, with additional levels available via in-app purchase as they become available.

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I could use a little help. If you would like to contribute in bringing this game to light, check out my GoFundMe page.

From "Bats!" for PalmOS.

From “Bats!” for PalmOS.

The concept for this game has been bouncing around in my head for over ten years. It started out as “Bats!”, a PalmOS game where the user would control a small bat hunting bugs, while avoiding hungry snakes, and owls. Then came the Macintosh screensaver. So you can see, I absolutely love bats!

If you love bats too, or would like more information on these essential creatures, check out Bat Conservation International.

Fireworks are Fun and Fantastic!


Back around the 7th century the Chinese invented fireworks. Punctuating cultural events, and religious purposes, fireworks are part of the human experience. We can enjoy them with sight, sound, smell, and even touch, as we sense the concussion in our bones. Fireworks are beautiful on so many different levels, that each one of us has a unique experience.

For me, some of my earliest, and best memories involve fireworks. Warm summer nights, celebrations with family and friends, parades and picnics. Throughout my entire life, I have spent time trying to re-create those experiences of awe and beauty. As a child I have made drawings, cartoons, even collected extinguished fireworks for a pretend stand. My neighbors must have thought me odd, sitting behind my red wagon stand, selling burnt out fireworks for play money! Later I took it to the next level, and experimented with making my own fireworks, safely I might add. No one got hurt!

My first software product was, “The Digital Fireworks Stand”, a CD-ROM based simulation that also included history, a glossary of terms, and safety tips. Since then I have paid tribute to fireworks with several other software titles, including screen savers. Even the name of this company honors fireworks! So you see, I am still drawing and making fireworks, sitting behind my red wagon stand, waiting for my neighbors.

Celebrate with fireworks each and every day, all year long!

FireworX Stand for Mac & iPad!

Icon 178

All year long, any holiday or occasion, FireworX Stand brings a festive mood to your Mac or iPad! These pyro-tastic delights burn cool, so they won’t burn you, or your screen! FireworX Stand is realtime particle animations of fireworks, with realistic sparks, fire, smoke, and authentic sound effects!

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Virtual FireworX Screensaver for Mac!

VFXIconVirtual FireworX are realtime 3D particle animations of fireworks simulations. Because the fireworks render in realtime, they truly vary from each viewing, randomly igniting in new locations in 3D space!

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In the News: 17 Year Cicada Emergence

CicadaX_178Arguably not as beautiful as fireworks, but just as noisy, a new 17 year Cicada emergence will happen on the east coast this summer. There are many species of Cicada; pronounced si-kay-da. Some are annual, others are periodical, remaining in juvenile stages for as many as 17 years before emerging as adults! Check out this screensaver dedicated to the 17 year Magicicada emergence of 2004, also known as ‘Brood X’.

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