Frosted for iPhone and iPad

Version 1.5.1, Last Updated: November 23, 2015


Only $0.99

Celebrate winter with your very own digital snowman!

Brought to life by the spirit of Christmas, Frosted spreads holiday cheer to all! His frequent visitors include Rudy the Reindeer, Santa, and best of all, YOU!

Explore the interactive environment of this magical place by touching objects on your screen. Tap the Bucket and Shovel to turn on ‘snowball mode’, then touch anywhere on the screen to throw snowballs. You can toss snow at Frosted until he passes out if you want… it’s a good way to keep him quiet! Revive the unconscious Frosted by tapping on the Bucket and Shovel again.

When in ‘snowball mode’, tap on a character to set your target!

Rotating your iPad, or iPhone, will influence the direction of falling snow. Tap the tree on the bottom left side of the screen to make Frosted dance. Touch the Candy Cane on the bottom right to make Frosted tell you how many days until Christmas!

Tap the light bulb to activate Magic Lights mode. Draw blinking colored lights on the background, that slowly wink out.

Try tapping on other parts of the scene for more surprises! Frosted’s snowy world is filled with fun for you to discover!


  • Beautiful snow scene.
  • Calming holiday sound effects.
  • Animated Snowman that talks!
  • Frosted tells you how many days until Christmas!
  • Animated holiday props.
  • Tap on items within the scene, for fun surprises!
  • Throw snowballs at Frosted, Santa, and Rudy!
  • Frosted dances to a cheerful tune!
  • Interactive Falling Snow!
  • Draw lights that change color and wink out onto background!

* Speech Synthesis may be turned off from your device Settings app.

Change Log:

Version 1.5.1 – November 23, 2015:

  • Compatibility/Maintenance update for iOS 9.
  • Frosted is no longer stretched, and now displays correctly.
  • Synthesized voices fixed.
  • Scene scales properly for iPhone 6.
  • Minor visual tweaks.

Version 1.5 – November 12, 2013:

  • Added Speech Synthesis! Now Frosted, and Santa, have a voice!
  • Added Magic Lights! Draw blinking lights that wink out over time.
  • Completely rebuilt to take advantage of iOS 7 SpriteKit technology.

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