Virtual FireworX Screensaver

Version 2.1.2, Last Updated: August 30, 2009
NOTE: This software is no longer supported and may not work as intended.


Only $1.99

Celebrate with a Fireworks Screensaver!

Virtual FireworX are realtime 3D particle animations of fireworks simulations. Because the fireworks render in realtime, they truly vary from each viewing, randomly igniting in new locations in 3D space!

Virtual FireworX screensaver comes FREE with five active fireworks effects. Additional effects, and features, can be unlocked with registration.


  • Realistic 3D particle animations, including smoke!
  • Realtime rendering, for a constantly changing experience!
  • Aerial, and ground based pieces!
  • Amazing fireworks sound effects, in stereo!
  • Realtime preview in options panel! See how your settings will look!

BONUS Features with Registration:

  • Up to 30 different built-in fireworks effects!
  • Load in your own background image!
  • Choose your own background color!
  • View streaming trails for even more realism!
  • Interactive mode, change the viewing angle!
  • Choose to view smoke with Aerial Fireworks.
  • View the Ground!
  • Flyover your fireworks display, as if you were in a helicopter
  • Control master distance, and aerials offset.

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