Leprechaun Screensaver

Version 2.1.3, Last Updated: September 14, 2009
NOTE: This software is no longer supported and may not work as intended.


Only $1.99

Your very own digital Leprechaun!

Have your very own digital Leprechaun on your desktop! Lonnie the Leprechaun hangs out in his own little world, looking for gold.

The real fun comes with the registered version… you get to interact with Lonnie! Pick mushrooms and feed him, hand him his pipe, or throw Gold coins for him to greedily collect. After a few Gold coins he’ll do tricks for you! Be careful though, don’t spoil him, or Lonnie will misbehave!

You can download and enjoy Leprechaun for FREE! Additional features can be unlocked with registration.


  • Animated 3D Leprechaun!
  • Beautiful background of an enchanted countryside!
  • Animated Butterflies!
  • Relaxing outdoor background sounds!

BONUS Features with Registration:

  • Interactive mode!
  • Toss Gold coins at Lonnie to do tricks, or dance a jig!
  • Feed Lonnie his favorite food, Mushrooms!
  • Hand him his pipe, and he’ll blow smoke rings!
  • Search for the Leprechaun’s hidden pot o’ Gold!

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