Flying Bugz Screen Saver

Version 1.0, Last Updated: June 30, 2014

Flying Bugz Screen Saver


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Have all your favorite flying critters on screen at the same time!

Flying Bugz is the Butterflyz, Dragonflyz, Lightning Bugz, CicadaX, Flyz, and HoneyBeez screen savers, all combined into one!

You may download and enjoy Flying Bugz for FREE, but if you register you get additional bugs and features!


  • Includes Butterflyz, Dragonflyz, Lightning Bugz, CicadaX, Flyz, and HoneyBeez! *
  • Choose the Number of Bugs.
  • Choose Scale.
  • Set Background Color.
  • Import Image as Background.
  • Animated Clouds
  • Much More!

* Some bugs, and features are disabled in FREE mode.

Flying Bugz includes:


One of the most amazing insects on our planet, the Butterfly begins life clinging to a tree branch as a Caterpillar. After a time hibernating, they emerge from their cocoon and spread their beautiful wings to the sun. We often take these creatures for granted, but have you every stopped to amaze at the intricate shape of their wings? Their beautiful iridescent coloring?

Flying Bugz gives you a bevy of beautifully rendered 3D Butterflies. Modeled after actual specimens, their textures are based on photographs of the real things!


Like glittering flying gems, Dragonflies are one of the most beautiful insects on Earth.
Evidence of Dragonflies are found in fossils millions of years old, and in nearly every part of the world. There are over 500 species of Dragonfly, in the United States alone.

The Dragonfly begins its life in water breathing with gills, somewhat like a fish. As an adult the insect will emerge from the water, and spread it’s beautiful iridescent wings to the sun.

Flying Bugz gives you several beautifully rendered Dragonflies. Based after actual specimens, their shape and textures were created from photographs of the real things!

Fireflies/Lightning Bugs:

Every summer evening, rising from the cool grass, or emerging from the trees, comes a swarm of tiny lights. Swirling about, in glowing motion, they search for their mates. They brightly blink in anticipation, hoping their display will bring them their goal.

These magical insects, found mostly in warm, humid climates, are not “flies”, but are actually beetles. The male firefly, or lightning bug, uses his bioluminescence to attract a mate. While the female, perched on a nearby tree branch, blinks back.

Flying Bugz includes green, yellow, orange, and red glowing blinkies!


Every summer, emerging from their underground homes, Cicadas spread their wings and take flight. Thousands rise up and cover trees and shrubs. Searching for mates, they sing out, an almost deafening chorus as they struggle to be heard. Soon they will mate, lay their eggs, and fall back to the earth a lifeless shell.

There are many species of Cicada; pronounced si-kay-da. Some are annual, others are periodical, remaining in juvenile stages for as many as 17 years before emerging as adults! Flying Bugz includes the 17 year Magicicada emergence of 2004, also known as ‘Brood X’.

House Flies:

Flies are an important part of the cycle of life in nature. They feed on the dead and decaying, their larva stripping the flesh from bone. Recycling what was once alive and vibrant, into dust.

There are countless species of fly. Spread out over the entire Earth, except for the polar regions, flies lay millions of eggs in rotting carrion, compost, and excrement. Hatching into maggots, they eventually pupate into the adult fly, then repeat the process producing several generations in a single season.

Flying Bugz puts the common Green Blow Fly, or House Fly, onto your screen. Make sure you empty your trash often, or they may breed out of control!

Honey Bees:

A worker bee, she awakens with the hive early every morning, has a quick breakfast of Bee Bread, then makes her long commute foraging for nectar and pollen. No time to stop and admire the flowers that she visits, she must collect, then move on. Return to the hive to deposit her goods, then back out to do it all over again, ten times a day!

Honey Bees are recognized in many cultures around the world as important icons. Used to symbolize everything from Gods, Goddesses, and Royalty, to wholesomeness, and purity. Products from Bees, such as Honey, and Bees Wax, have been used by humans since the time of recorded history.

Flying Bugz puts these magnificent insects to work right on your own Mac screen. And, they won’t sting; even if you don’t register! Although they would prefer it if you do.


System Requirements:

  • Requires Mavericks, Mac OS X 10.9.x and above.

Change Log:

Version 1.0 – June 30, 2014:

  • Initial Release

Disclaimer: This screen saver is for entertainment purposes only, and is not intended to prevent screen burn in. Skyrocket Software, or Michael Briscoe, will not be held liable for any implied damage that may, or may not have been the result of the use of this software product.
© 2014, Skyrocket Software

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