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NightLights Desktop Update 1.6!


Paint Mode: an exciting new feature for NightLights!

Ever wished you could decorate a holiday scene with your own animated light display? How about your name in blinking lights! Well now you can, with NightLights’ new Paint Mode!

Paint Mode allows you to place strings of lights anywhere on your display by clicking and dragging.  Each “Stroke” creates a light string that can have it’s own bulb sequence, scale, spacing, and angle. So now you can use NightLights to frame your display with colored lights, or create lighted scenes with your own photos, and backgrounds.


What’s new in NightLights 1.6:

  • Paint Mode: Now you can place lights anywhere on your screen!
  • Clear Selection Button: Easily remove long sequences when starting over.
  • Minor performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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Happy Holidays! ~==>