Curious Caverns Coming Soon!


Announcing Curious Caverns! Coming this summer!

The player assumes the role of Talon the Bat, (named after my grandson), as he flies his way through an unknown cavern system. Each level presents new obstacles, challenges and baddies to vanquish. The player gains points, and earns achievements along the way.

The game play mechanics, and first level are nearly complete. My ultimate goal is to have at least 10 levels, with additional levels available via in-app purchase as they become available.

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I could use a little help. If you would like to contribute in bringing this game to light, check out my GoFundMe page.

From "Bats!" for PalmOS.

From “Bats!” for PalmOS.

The concept for this game has been bouncing around in my head for over ten years. It started out as “Bats!”, a PalmOS game where the user would control a small bat hunting bugs, while avoiding hungry snakes, and owls. Then came the Macintosh screensaver. So you can see, I absolutely love bats!

If you love bats too, or would like more information on these essential creatures, check out Bat Conservation International.

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