CuriousCaverns: Tip of the Week


Spend your Coins and Gems at the General Store!

The coins and gems that you collect throughout the game can be used at the General Store to purchase items to enhance your Bat. Some items will change Talons appearance, while others will add special abilities.

For instance, the “Helm of Hurt”, has a nasty spike that inflicts damage to your enemies! Gems can be used to buy, “Amulet’s of Protection”, which act as a sort of armor against damage. To find out more info, tap the, “Buy Item” button under each product. You can also make In App Purchase’s, (using real money), for special skins that completely change the look of your Bat!


I hope you enjoy playing CuriousCaverns as much as I enjoyed making it! It’s a vast cave system, and new levels, and items will be added soon!

~ MB

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