Cave Hunter Coming Soon!



New offshoot from CuriousCaverns, on the way!

I’ve just finished a new game called Cave Hunter! In this one the player takes on the role of Talon’s cousin, Nixie. You guide Nixie through a seemingly endless labyrinth, while hunting for food, and collecting bat booty!

What’s different about Cave Hunter?

Cave Hunter is a procedurally generated maze system, that is different with every play! Each level takes between 15 seconds, to a couple of minutes, making this game easy to pick-up and play at any time. With unlimited levels, the deeper you go, the more complex each maze becomes!

The goal is simple; find the exit while hunting bugs, collecting power ups, and avoiding baddies. Achievements, and Game Center support is available so you can challenge your friends!

If you’ve played CuriousCaverns you’ll notice some of the artwork is familiar, but there are new surprises as well! Given the maze algorithm, the view in Cave Hunter is top-down, as opposed to a side scrolling platformer. Cave Hunter is a stand alone game, and doesn’t require CuriousCaverns. They simply share a similar theme!

Look for Cave Hunter later this month on the App Store!

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