How to create a synchronized show with Fireworx Stand 2.0

Here’s how to quickly create a fireworks show synced to music:

  1. Launch Fireworx Stand 2.0 for Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.
  2. Bring up the Toolbar, and choose a photo backdrop by tapping on the film roll icon. This step is optional.
  3. Choose a song by tapping on the load music icon.
  4. Tap the Play button, and choose Record. Your song will begin to play.
  5. Any tap on the screen will add a new firework to your show, and set it’s ignition time.
  6. Tap the Stop button when you are done.
  7. Tap the Save button to save your show for later playback. (Optional)
  8. To playback your show, just tap the Play button.

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy!
Download Fireworx Stand 2.0 for Mac…
Download Fireworx Stand 2.0 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch…

>> More Info: Fireworx Stand for Mac >>
>> More Info: Fireworx Stand for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch >>


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