Spooked! 2.0 for Mac OS X Now Available!

Turn all your Apple™ devices into Virtual Poltergeists with Spooked!

I’ve recoded Spooked! from the ground up using the latest, greatest Apple technology! Now Spooked! can haunt your Mac, as well as your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!

What’s New…

  • Now records and changes your voice.
  • Improved Mouth Synchronization.
  • Updated Ghoul Character.
  • UI Improvements.
  • Shares same features as version for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Recoded from the ground up using Swift and new Yosemite API’s

Spooked! 2.0 More Info…
Spooked for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch…

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^v^ Happy Halloween! ^v^ ~==>

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