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Prepare for the coming invasion…


The Aliens are on their way!

From the cold, dark reaches of space, they come. Curious about our blue jewel of a planet. What life exists there? What resources does it hold? How can they exploit it? What tastes better; beef, chicken, or man flesh?

UFOz for Mac…

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Happy 2014!


Celebrate the New Year with Fireworks!

All year long, any holiday or occasion, FireworX Stand brings a festive mood to your iDevices! These pyro-tastic delights burn cool, so they won’t burn you, or your screen! FireworX Stand is realtime particle animations of fireworks, with realistic sparks, fire, smoke, and authentic sound effects!

FireworX Stand for Mac…
FireworX Stand for iPad…

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Happy New Year! ~==>

Decorate your devices this Christmas!


Christmas is almost here! Are your Apple branded devices ready? Show your Christmas spirit with these beautiful holiday themed apps:


Celebrate winter with your very own digital snowman! Brought to life by the spirit of Christmas, Frosted spreads holiday cheer to all! His frequent visitors include Rudy the Reindeer, Santa, and best of all, YOU! Explore the interactive environment of this magical place by clicking objects on your screen.

Frosted for Mac…
Frosted for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch…



Decorate your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with bright, shiny lights! Who needs all those headaches competing with the neighbors? Why break your neck falling off the roof this year? Heck, all you need is a copy of NightLights to get your festive spirit across. It’s cheap, and the bulbs never burn out. Use NightLights to frame your display with colored lights, or create lighted scenes with your own photos, and backgrounds.

NightLights for Mac…
NightLights for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch…


CuriousCaverns! ON SALE 99¢

Makes a great Christmas gift! Guide an adventurous Bat through a beautiful and curious underground world! Feed your Bat by eating bugs and other critters. Collect coins, gems, minerals and other power-ups, while avoiding obstacles, and enemies. Look for ammo, to protect yourself, and  do battle with the denizens of the cave. Discover the many secrets of this unusual, and surprising ecosystem.

CuriousCaverns for iPad…

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Merry Christmas! ~==>