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CuriousCaverns: Tip of the Week


How to move your Bat like a pro…

The Bat will follow your finger. Tap a short distance from the Bat, and drag to guide him.  When you encounter baddies, it is helpful to slow your Bat to a hover by tapping directly on him. Use the big button on the bottom left, (the big Green one shown above), to fire GuanoBombs at your enemies.

Use the AcroBAT button, (second from left on bottom), to toggle AcroBAT mode on/off. When in AcroBAT mode, the Bat will appear side facing, giving him a smaller profile to fit into tight spots.

In some levels you can pick up items by flying to them. Drop them by tapping on the Bat, just like to make him hover!

Try not to flick the Bat around by swiping at him! This will confuse him, and he will most likely meet an untimely death by crashing into a stalactite, or into the mouth of a hungry snake!

Happy Caving!

~ MB