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CuriousCaverns 1.1 Update


Universal App! Now works with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch! FREE version available!

I am pleased to announce that CuriousCaverns 1.1 is available on the AppStore! Now you can play on your iPhone, and iPod Touch, as well as your iPad! Look for a Mac version of CuriousCaverns coming soon! It looks amazing on any size screen!

While I was updating the game, I extended each level, adding to the game play. There are some fun new places to explore on every level! And now, when you hang from the ceiling, your Bat will heal slowly over time! There are also some performance optimizations, and some minor bug fixes.

If you just want to check out the game, before dropping a couple of dollars, you can play Level 1 with CuriousCaverns FREE!

Download CuriousCaverns for the new low price of $1.99, or you can play the first level for FREE!

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Halloween Fun

Here are some Halloween Tricks and Treats for all your digital devices!


Turn your iPad or Mac into a Virtual Poltergeist! Choose from several spooky characters that you tell what to say! Great for your Halloween Haunted House, or to spook your friends anytime of the year!

Spooked! for iPad…
Spooked for Mac…


Decorate your devices with bright, shiny lights! Besides the standard C7, Mini, and LED lights, NightLights comes with several Halloween themed bulbs!

NightLights for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch…
NightLights Desktop for Mac…


After a long night of Trick or Treating, settle down with a hot cup of cider, and hang out with Talon the Bat! Feed your Bat by eating bugs and other critters. Collect coins, gems, minerals and other power-ups, while avoiding obstacles, and enemies. Look for ammo, to protect yourself, and  do battle with the denizens of the cave.

CuriousCaverns for iPad is ON SALE for $0.99 now through November 1, 2013!

Happy Halloween! ~==>

CuriousCaverns: Halloween Sale!


Get CuriousCaverns for $.99 Until October 31, 2013!

To help get into the Halloween spirit, you can pick-up CuriousCaverns for less than the price of a Pumpkin Latte! Enjoy a little flapping about in a spooky cavern after carving your Jack-o-lanterns!

While you’re at it check out some of our other $.99 apps:

Spooked! for iPad – Turn your iPad into a virtual poltergeist! Choose from five spooky characters that you tell what to say! Great for your Halloween Haunted House, or to spook your friends anytime of the year! There’s a Mac version also available!

NightLights for iPad – Decorate your iPad with blinking lights! It doesn’t matter which occasion you’re celebrating, there’s a color combination for every need. NightLights comes with several vintage Halloween shaped lightbulbs! Yes, there is also a Mac version!

Happy Halloween!

~ MB

CuriousCaverns: Tip of the Week


How to move your Bat like a pro…

The Bat will follow your finger. Tap a short distance from the Bat, and drag to guide him.  When you encounter baddies, it is helpful to slow your Bat to a hover by tapping directly on him. Use the big button on the bottom left, (the big Green one shown above), to fire GuanoBombs at your enemies.

Use the AcroBAT button, (second from left on bottom), to toggle AcroBAT mode on/off. When in AcroBAT mode, the Bat will appear side facing, giving him a smaller profile to fit into tight spots.

In some levels you can pick up items by flying to them. Drop them by tapping on the Bat, just like to make him hover!

Try not to flick the Bat around by swiping at him! This will confuse him, and he will most likely meet an untimely death by crashing into a stalactite, or into the mouth of a hungry snake!

Happy Caving!

~ MB

CuriousCaverns: Tip of the Week


Spend your Coins and Gems at the General Store!

The coins and gems that you collect throughout the game can be used at the General Store to purchase items to enhance your Bat. Some items will change Talons appearance, while others will add special abilities.

For instance, the “Helm of Hurt”, has a nasty spike that inflicts damage to your enemies! Gems can be used to buy, “Amulet’s of Protection”, which act as a sort of armor against damage. To find out more info, tap the, “Buy Item” button under each product. You can also make In App Purchase’s, (using real money), for special skins that completely change the look of your Bat!


I hope you enjoy playing CuriousCaverns as much as I enjoyed making it! It’s a vast cave system, and new levels, and items will be added soon!

~ MB

CuriousCaverns! for iPad Now Available!


I am pleased to announce that our first full featured game, “CuriousCaverns!” is now available for download from the App Store! Find out more here…

Curious Caverns Teaser

I’m putting the finishing touches on Curious Caverns, and shooting for an August release! Here is a little teaser video I put together!