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CuriousCaverns: Tip of the Week


How to move your Bat like a pro…

The Bat will follow your finger. Tap a short distance from the Bat, and drag to guide him.  When you encounter baddies, it is helpful to slow your Bat to a hover by tapping directly on him. Use the big button on the bottom left, (the big Green one shown above), to fire GuanoBombs at your enemies.

Use the AcroBAT button, (second from left on bottom), to toggle AcroBAT mode on/off. When in AcroBAT mode, the Bat will appear side facing, giving him a smaller profile to fit into tight spots.

In some levels you can pick up items by flying to them. Drop them by tapping on the Bat, just like to make him hover!

Try not to flick the Bat around by swiping at him! This will confuse him, and he will most likely meet an untimely death by crashing into a stalactite, or into the mouth of a hungry snake!

Happy Caving!

~ MB

CuriousCaverns: Tip of the Week


Spend your Coins and Gems at the General Store!

The coins and gems that you collect throughout the game can be used at the General Store to purchase items to enhance your Bat. Some items will change Talons appearance, while others will add special abilities.

For instance, the “Helm of Hurt”, has a nasty spike that inflicts damage to your enemies! Gems can be used to buy, “Amulet’s of Protection”, which act as a sort of armor against damage. To find out more info, tap the, “Buy Item” button under each product. You can also make In App Purchase’s, (using real money), for special skins that completely change the look of your Bat!


I hope you enjoy playing CuriousCaverns as much as I enjoyed making it! It’s a vast cave system, and new levels, and items will be added soon!

~ MB

CuriousCaverns! for iPad Now Available!


I am pleased to announce that our first full featured game, “CuriousCaverns!” is now available for download from the App Store! Find out more here…

Curious Caverns Teaser

I’m putting the finishing touches on Curious Caverns, and shooting for an August release! Here is a little teaser video I put together!

Curious Caverns Coming Soon!


Announcing Curious Caverns! Coming this summer!

The player assumes the role of Talon the Bat, (named after my grandson), as he flies his way through an unknown cavern system. Each level presents new obstacles, challenges and baddies to vanquish. The player gains points, and earns achievements along the way.

The game play mechanics, and first level are nearly complete. My ultimate goal is to have at least 10 levels, with additional levels available via in-app purchase as they become available.

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I could use a little help. If you would like to contribute in bringing this game to light, check out my GoFundMe page.

From "Bats!" for PalmOS.

From “Bats!” for PalmOS.

The concept for this game has been bouncing around in my head for over ten years. It started out as “Bats!”, a PalmOS game where the user would control a small bat hunting bugs, while avoiding hungry snakes, and owls. Then came the Macintosh screensaver. So you can see, I absolutely love bats!

If you love bats too, or would like more information on these essential creatures, check out Bat Conservation International.